MediWeb, Inc.



At MediWeb, we have leveraged our deep experience in both medical practice and in the latest information and communications technologies (ICT) to provide a range of services. Below is a just a snapshot:

Planning, development, and operation of the 3Bees: medical support apps:

We created, developed, and continue to operate the industry’s first cloud-based medical support apps: 3Bees, and its applications geared towards improving the quality of patient services and care.

Planning, development, operation, and consulting for web-based business systems:

We plan and develop web-based systems and services for in-house use by major clinical testing firms, device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as systems that help create synergy between private firms and medical institutions. In addition, we handle outsourced development of services in compliance with governmental guidelines for the use of medical information.

[Track record and achievements in web-based business systems development]

Planning, creation, operation, and maintenance of web sites:

We create, develop and operate websites for many entities, from small clinics to large hospitals and other medical institutions, to healthcare providers and firms/organizations in the welfare space.

*In addition, we are involved in the maintenance and operation of numerous client services, including the creation of web sites and blogs, development of SEO and SEM strategies, and maintaining and updating site content.