MediWeb, Inc.

Our Business

Our Business

The concepts at the heart of MediWeb's business are medical practice, ICT, and relationships. By promoting the evolution of ICT within and between medical institutions, and between those institutions and the businesses and patients they deal with, we encourage the sharing and circulation of information among all those involved in the medical sphere. In so doing, we are changing the medical practice and medicine itself.
At MediWeb, we have a unique mastery of both real-world medical practice and the latest ICT. This allows us to pursue the highest value-added services possible.

Medical institutions and practitioners:

Using the latest ICT and unprecedented new levels of user-friendliness, functionality, and value, we support medical institutions' daily operations with a range of IT solutions and applications.

3Bees: medical support apps(


Website creation and operation

  • Web design services

Custom system development

  • Linking medical equipment and in-hospital systems

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Medical businesses and government organizations:

We provide a variety of services, including tools and applications based on 3Bees, cloud-based system development, web services and systems development, and web marketing and consulting services.

Using the 3Bees service with medical institutions

  • Enterprise support tools for building and improving relationships with medical institutions
  • Advertising to medical institutions

Custom web service and system development

  • Web service planning consulting: For Physicians. For Patients.
  • Visual and user interaction design: For Physicians. For Patients.
  • Development and operation of services for tablet devices, smart phones and web applications: For Physicians. For Patients.
  • evelopment and operation of business applications that conform to Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications guidelines: Core business.

Track Record (solutions for pharmaceutical companies, clinical researchers, trial support, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical wholesalers)

  • Creation of iPad-based content informing physicians of pharmaceutical products, tests and equipment
  • Development of applications aimed at improving patient compliance and adherence
  • Development of services linked to 3Bees and marketing support
  • Transforming core business systems into web systems
  • Development of systems for enterprise data transfer
  • Development of systems for medical examination, ordering, and reportingIntegration with third-party equipment and systems
  • Service trade system for medical institutions
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