MediWeb, Inc.

Making health care better through improving medical
practice by implementing cutting-edge information
and communication technology (ICT).

What’s New


RUBYKAIGI 2014, which MediWeb is helping to sponsor, will take place over 3 days from September 18th to September 20th. All of our engineers will be there. Interested in joining us? Why not come by?


We’ll be exhibiting at several annual meetings and an event this fall. Click here for the details.


Creating an upward cycle in information
among health care providers, patients,
and medical firms through ICT.

MediWeb links data between people
involved in all facets of health care
through implementing cutting-edge ICT

Outline of Service

Medical institutions

Development and operation of applications for improving patient service and clinical support service through 3Bees Medical Web Service, website development, and marketing support.

Medical businesses and governmental organizations

Marketing, project planning, business support consulting, development and operation of applications for smartphones and tablets, all through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).