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Privacy Policy

Core Policy

MediWeb, Inc. is committed to safeguarding the privacy of its website users. All private information that is collected from users of the site will not be released to the public by the firm. Please use our web services freely.

Handling of Personal Information

We comply with all guidelines and laws related to individual information privacy and we strive to protect all private confidential information in our possession.

  1. We strongly recognize the importance of protecting user information. We collect, use, and manage information to the extent necessary for us to carry out our business operations. 
  2. We will take reasonable technical and infrastructural precautions to prevent unauthorized access and the loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, etc. of your personal information.

Use of Personal Information

We will not, without express consent, provide the personal information of our site's registered users to any third parties. 
In order to improve our company's services, we may collect and analyze statistical information about our users, but we use aggregate data only. We will not use specific user data or disclose such data to third parties. 

Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not entrust or provide your personal information to any third parties except in cases where we have your express consent or we are compelled to do so by judicial institutions, government institutions, and other legally binding requests.
Even in cases where we receive express permission and have a justifiable reason for disclosing, entrusting, and providing personal information to third parties, we will make an agreement with the parties concerned regarding the safeguarding of personal information and take all possible measures to ensure that the information remains safe.

IP Addresses

When accessing our company's website, your IP address (number), which is used on the Internet to uniquely identify each device, will be automatically recorded as log data. The acquisition and recording of this data is required to keep the server that hosts our website functioning as intended. Note that, in general, extracting specific information about you from your IP address is difficult. In addition, IP address and domain name data collected on our website will not be provided to external third parties. 


Our website employs technology termed 'Cookies'.
We currently use cookies in our site in order to provide you with the best possible service, but we do not employ cookies to identify our users.
Please be aware that setting your browser to reject all cookies may result in your becoming unable to access services requiring user authentication, or experiencing other restrictions when attempting to access various Internet services. 

We currently employ cookies for the following purposes:

We currently entrust our advertising to third-party vendors such as Google and Yahoo! Japan to display our advertising materials in different sites. Based on the previous access information that is stored in our cookies, third-party vendors such as Google, Yahoo! Japan will create individualized advertisements. However, we do not gain access to personally identifiable information and we do not utilize this information other than for advertising purposes.
If in any case you would like to disable the use of cookies by Google, you may opt-out from Google ads by accessing ( and disabling the cookie function on the page.
If you would like to disable the use of cookies by Yahoo! JAPAN, you may opt-out from the behavioral targeting advertisement by accessing ( and disabling the cookie function on the Yahoo! JAPAN page. In addition, please refer to ( for more information regarding the cookie function in Yahoo! JAPAN.
If you want to disable the use of cookies by third-party vendors as our Network Advertising Initiative member, you can access the opt-out page of the Network Advertising Initiative on ( and by disabling the cookie function on the site.


Should you have any questions or feedback regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at the following address. 

MediWeb, Inc.
Hasegawa Bldg. #3, 3F
6-13-1 Shinbashi, Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0004